We get it,
you want to talk to the ones ready to buy

Get set for a journey that scales your B2B sales and minimizes your internal efforts

Opportunities as a Service

Connect with the right buyers for your products and services through sales automation, proven processes and strategic human-touch.
Get replies from interested prospects in your inbox
We make sure you don’t miss a beat in your sales process.

Reach leads across the world and around the corner

We build your optimal prospect profile and find the best way to engage them.

Scale your outreach through automated human touch

With outreach automated, your only time invested is with real opportunities.

ready. set. sell.

Build new B2B relationships through an optimal 

blend of automation and human-centric services.

set delivers Opportunities as a Service. This means your sales team will only spend time engaging with the prospects that already showed interest in your product or service. All the strategy, prospecting, contacting is outsourced to us, while your sales champs focus on closing deals.

Targeted Lead Development

Point us to the attributes of your ideal buyer persona, and we’ll put our expertise in the game to refine profiles. Your criteria, followed by strategic segmentation then becomes input to a robust machine learning system* that crawls the Internet in search of companies which match your desired profile.
Highly targeted lead lists

Hand-curated prospects that match your ideal profile and are ripe for the

picking, with contact information (email, Linkedin)

Data generates more data

Got any info about your current or previous customers? Great! we can use hundreds of data points to find similar audiences.

100% email accuracy

All contact details are publicly available and grabbed in real time, for every project: no guessing email patterns, no reusing lists.

Let them show interest first

Save your time for closing deals: we do the contacting part, while you handle interested replies straight from your inbox.

Intelligent Email Sequences

We send your emails with a purpose. We want the recipients to read the email and take action. With Intelligent Emails, our first concern is to get your message delivered correctly.

Make a great first impression

All emails will be displayed under your name and replies go straight into your inbox.

Conversion oriented copywriting

We A/B test campaigns, from subject line to calls to actions with the mindset of continuously improving results.

Get your emails delivered to Inbox

All email campaigns go out through a high reputation outbound emailing server* which ensures that your email reaches your prospects’ inboxes.

Generate curiosity and genuine interest

Every touch is a clear call-to-action for your prospects, making it easy for them to ask for details.

Automated LinkedIn Outreach

Automated LinkedIn Outreach enables you to contact hundreds of decision makers, niche prospects and industry influencers fast, and with high engagement rates.

Targeted audiences

Address only decision makers from your desired persona and nudge them to take action.

Personalized connection requests and private messages

We make use of contact data such as location, company name and additional custom attributes to personalize our messaging.

Experience this campaign dynamically

We can adapt your approach on the go, refine the messaging and redirect information for maximum impact.

Have a 100% secure Linkedin Lead Generation Process

We pay huge attention to safety and we are constantly updating our automations to be in sync with the most recent Linkedin policies.

Explore additional perks

We can support and refine your LinkedIn presence through customized services of social media management, such as content publishing and profile-design, so your presence reflects your mission efficiently.

Your journey with set


set Discovery Workshop

We will dive into your Brand, your Perfect Audience and Campaign Momentum. We make sure we will speak with the voice of your brand and match its market position.


Campaign Assessment

A dedicated SET specialist will showcase the strategy behind your campagin plan, timing, approach and costs. We’ll jointly agree on your success factors and define your message.


Project Kick-off

We’ll set the date for your campaign launch and the technical requirements needed. Details will depend on your solution of choice.


Audience Match

By this moment, we’ll have a prospect list in place and a draft message ready for your review. We’ll make sure the technical needs have been met.


Launch Campaign

It’s time we jump start your dialogue with the agreed-upon prospects. Whether it’s e-mail or LinkedIn, we will start counting in the results from day one.


Monitor and Optimize

As soon as we launch your campaign, we will report and monitor the progress. This is a dynamic process, and we factor in your feedback, prospect reactions, and adjust the campaign details as needed.


Reporting and Analytics

You will have your own, password-protected dashboard where we report ongoing campaigns and the tool where we draw important insights from.

We believe sales is 99% science and 1% talent.

Set effectively outsources outbound sales and consistently delivers new opportunities, ready to be closed by your sales team.
Feed your best sales guys with the steady flow of warm opportunities they need to close new business, while high quantity, repetitive work gets done by robots.

Ready to scale your sales?